Inject new life into your Fox fork by replacing its oil and wiper seals. Our video makes it easy


If you’re lucky enough to have a Fox fork bolted to the front of your bike then you’ll want to take care of it. This means keeping up to date with the servicing requirements and the thing you’ll need to do most often is a lower leg service. It won’t replace a periodic full strip-down (Fox recommends 125 hours/annual), but it will clean the worst of the crap out, keep the seals running in fresh lube and eradicate any air that has built up in the lower legs. Hence, your fork will instantly feel amazing, you’ll save some beer credits and you’ll be filled with an overwhelming sense of smugness.
If you have a non FIT (open bath) Fox fork then the procedure is slightly more involved and you’ll have to travel way back to the March 2009 issue for the lowdown. For this service you’ll be getting hold of the latest wiper seals and oil that Fox has developed. Even better news is that thanks to those cunning Fox technicians you’ll benefit from lower prices too. The new Gold oil satisfies both the Midas and Scrooge within you by coming in at £11.48 (, which is a good few quid cheaper than the older green stuff. One final thing before you start: make sure you know the oil bath volumes for your fork — you can find them at, or if you get stuck you can pick the brains of the esteemed team at