Keep your cranks spinning freely with our step-by-step video to replacing your BB30 press fit bottom bracket


It looks like the press-fit bottom bracket (BB) is here to stay, for a while at least. Mechanically it seems like a pretty backward idea, but right now there are plenty of amazing bikes out there that run them, and if you’ve got one you should know how to fix it.

When we say fix we actually mean replace, as that’s all you can do. Although, if you’re lucky enough to have a carbon steed, then repeated removal and fitting of a press-fit component is a bad idea. With this in mind you might want to invest in a high-end BB that has serviceable or replaceable bearings with the hope of extending service intervals

In this step-by-step video we’re replacing the stock BB from a Stumpjumper Expert Evo 29er, which felt rough after just a few rides, with a Chris King unit with serviceable bearings. The procedure is the same for most manufacturers, but it’s worth checking their recommendations, especially if you’re working with carbon. While you’re looking, make sure you’ve got all your dimensions right as there are different frame and crank variations that will affect your BB choice.

This job is pretty simple, but you need to be confident with a hammer and punch or you risk damaging your frame. If you get stuck at any point then head to your LBS.

Tools for the job

Hammer and punch for removal. Some kind of press for fitting (be it homemade or more professional) — just make sure the press contacts the cups and not the bearings.