This month we’re changing the axle in a Hope Pro II rear hub. In this instance it’s a swap from a QR to bolt-thru axle. This fix came to our attention with the Maxle rear end we fitted to an Orange Five last issue; it’s the same procedure for swapping any axle in a Pro II though. The versatility of these hubs makes frame and fork upgrades less of a financial burden because you can easily adapt them to suit most standards. It’s a fairly easy job that’s made easier with the proper tools. If you are very careful you can get away with using a socket set to fit the bearings and a couple of blocks of wood to support the hub, but a Hope hub support (£9) and the correct bearing presses (£9 for two 61903 sized presses) help to make the job easier and you’re much less likely to cause damage. Although the freehub body seal can be fitted by hand, a Pro II seal tool will set you back just £8 and ensures a quick and reliable job. So while the correct tools aren’t 100% necessary an outlay of £26 isn’t all that much, plus you can also use them when it’s time to fit new bearings and maintain the freehub mechanism. If you’ve got a buddy or two with the same hubs then you could share the cost to make them even better value. If you decide you want the tools, pop into your local Hope dealer (bear in mind they will probably need to order them in), they will also be able to sort you out with any spare parts you may need.