One size only: 45mm length / 0-degree rise / 31.8mm handlebar clamp / 1.5in steerer clamp / 40mm stack height / Weight: 170g / Colours: black only
Contact: Jim Walker 08707 528777

The OnePointFive X4 is basically a super-sized version of the regular Thomson Elite X4 stem, capable of swallowing a 1.5in steerer tube. The split steerer clamp uses two bolts, and a four-bolt faceplate secures the handlebars. All bolts are M4 so adjustments can be made with a single Allen key. A special coating stops the bolts from corroding, but disconcertingly, they still make a creak when you back them off. Not as bad as the original Elite stem but we’d still recommend keeping them greased for ease of adjustment. Anodising is first rate and all of the edges on the X4 are bevelled so they won’t score handlebars. The Thomson Elite X4 1.5 is the self-proclaimed strongest in the industry and quite possibly the trickest way to unite over-sized bars and steerers — even if cheaper units will do a similar job.