If you think the head of the Syncros 1-Bolt looks familiar it’s because Ritchey owns Syncros and they share designs. The difference is that the Syncros post is burly and more in keeping with the company’s ethos and the intended buyer — it’s heavier and the shaft features a hole instead of a mitred end. The finish isn’t as good, but at a third of the price you’d expect that. Although the stem featured is a 90mm it is offered in 70mm and we had this length on test. It’s forged with a bi-oval extension tube and a wide faceplate so it’s plenty stiff. Four closely spaced bolts on the faceplate eliminate bolt redundancy, and while the stem is at the upper end weight- wise you’re not carrying as much in the bars. These have very little backsweep, so to get a useable position we had to rotate them right back. The white powder coat is an acquired taste.

But what really knocks them back is the width — for a bar aimed at all-mountain riding it’s just too narrow. This is a shame because both the stem and post are solid, reliable and well priced.

Contact: www.jungleproducts.co.uk
Overall weight: 666g

Mbr rating: 8