Length: 50mm / 10-degree rise / Clamp size 25.4mm / Weight: 195g / Contact: Ison 01223 213800

It’s a shame this missed our stem grouptest last month because it’s a good value stubby that has been CNC-machined from 6000 series aluminium and sports built-in, stem mouth, handlebar supports. These increase the faceplate width to 50mm and improve the contact with the bar, but saying that the Gusset isn’t any wider than, say, a Race Face Diabolus or Easton Vice. The big advantage though is that it allows the stem body to be narrower, which means better clearance and saves weight; the Gusset is 70g lighter than either the Diabolus or Vice.
Opposing bolts on the steerer clamp are just for show, but they’re chromed plated cromoloy to resists corrosion. Only one length and clamp is available size.

MBR Rating: 8/10