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Trapped in a mountainous void between the Lakes and the Dales, the Howgill Fells are often overlooked by mtb’ers anxious to shred a few northern trails. Yet concealed behind their lofty, grass-covered tops, is some of the best riding in the country, including the awesome Bowderdale — the finest singletrack in the UK, outside of the forestry centres.
It starts high — about 650m above sea level if you want to be accurate — and cruises easily in the early stages, allowing you plenty of time to gawk at the breathtaking panoramas that stretch away in all directions. It soon steepens, plummeting down the hillside in a challenging, and seemingly never-ending, ribbon of narrow, stone-strewn trail that demands every ounce of your concentration and riding skill. The gradient eases by Bowderdale Beck, but the fun’s nowhere near over yet. This baby is over 7km long in total.
Enjoy a tricky, techie bounce along the valley bottom — only the best will clean it all — but don’t forget to stop occasionally because the scenery is as mouth-watering as the riding. A short climb marks the end of the party, but there’s still a long way to go. Roads and tracks cut east to Ravonstonedale, where a steady climb gets you back in the thick of it again. These trails can be frustrating in places — nothing that a little more use wouldn’t sort out — but there are still a couple of sweeter sections, and the views remain wonderful throughout.
Some would suggest riding it the other way, saving the best for last, and avoiding the steep push onto Whitefell. It’s an option, as always, it’s down to personal choice; but Bowderdale definitely offers more when you have gravity on your team. If in doubt, try both… it’s good enough to make it worthwhile.