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Rolling north out of Rosedale Abbey, it’s easy to believe you’re in a rural idyll, but striking out into the dale you realise this is a landscape scarred by heavy industry.
The first climb out of the valley is simply a matter of gaining elevation and getting fully warmed up ready for what’s to follow.
And what does follow is a corker of a descent all the way down into the valley, taking in wide, fast grass tracks, a technical gorge-side traverse, and a slippery-as-hell mud fest to finish. Get down in one piece and you know you’re on a good day. Climbing back up to the opposite side of the dale will get you puffing and panting, and possibly pushing for a short stretch, but it’s all good riding and once you’re at the top, catch your breath ready for the best piece of railway track we think you’re likely to find.
When the singletrack fizzles out, follow the carpet-like trail all the way back into Rosedale Abbey, retracing your earlier tracks along the way. Passing the cars is a great opportunity to refuel, but don’t go mad, you don’t want to carry any extra weight on the road pull up to the White Horse Farm Inn.
What follows from here is a long stretch of singletrack south, which will have you grinning from ear to ear.
But there’s more to come: after a short road stretch you’re onto wide shooters’ tracks towards Ana Cross, but turn right before you reach the Cross and make your way straight ahead, following the faint trail through the heather. If this doesn’t set your pulse racing, call an ambulance!
This is a mega descent and will leave you begging for more. In fact, if indeed you do want to do it all again, you can always ride back up one-in-four Chimney Bank for another pop!