None more Moor tour

This is the GPS file that goes with MBR magazine’s Tour of the Moors feature from the December 2008 issue. The route is 100km long and is best attempted over two days.

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Day one starts at the top of Sutton Bank and heads north-east to Westerdale. There are places to stay overnight in nearby Castleton and Danby.

Day two goes from Westerdale to Dalby Forest where you can finish on the excellent purpose-built singletrack.

A classic epic route from the December 2008 issue of MBR.

“You know that guy from two doors down? The one you see every morning on the way to work? He always says hello and you always return the greeting, but other than his address you know absolutely nothing about him. He’s as familiar as your own front door, yet, at the same time, a complete stranger. My experience of the North Yorkshire Moors has followed a similar pattern over the years. I’ve probably been there half-a-dozen times since I started working for this magazine, so the names, the places, the landscape are all familiar, but I still feel like I’ve never made the effort to really get to know the place. In late September, however, I got the opportunity to devise a two-day Tour of the Moors and, I hoped, the chance to really create a bond with this National Park.”