The singletrack that runs alongside Bowderdale Beck is one of the best in the Dales. It can be ridden either way; running north-south it’s a steady climb with a steep push at the end, but as we rode it, the singletrack delightfully carries your tempo for what seems like hours, before gradually flattening out beside the flowing curves of the beck.

Amazingly, the trail never really gets any wider than about eight inches throughout its 6km length, and although it peters out in spots, there’s absolutely no way of getting lost. The surface is rocky in places, but not so bad as to break up the flow and it also does a good job of staying relatively mud-free. Besides being super-fun to ride, Bowderdale is almost always deserted, save for the chance of spotting a grazing fell pony or bird of prey on the look out for an easy meal. In fact the worst part about riding Bowderdale is deciding whether to enjoy the trail in one long hit, or to stop and savour the stunning sheltered view along the valley.