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Most of our routes are circular, or as close as we can get to it, but we make no apologies for this absolute peach, which could best be described as bone-shaped: a long and superb out and back section linking a short but enjoyable loop at each end.
The crux of the ride, and the undoubted highlight, is the out-and-back section, which is basically a two-way crossing of the Howden Moors on one of the Peak’s best-known trails, the Cut Gate Path. Fear not if it seems a bit of an odd way to approach it, it’s technical enough to keep your attention firmly focused in both directions, and apart from the odd landmark, you’ll struggle to notice that you’ve already ridden it the other way.
So what’s all the fuss about? Firstly a killer of a climb that’s predominantly (but not completely) rideable. Then there’s a superb section of rough and rutted moorland singletrack that twists and turns its way across the top of Margery Hill, before cutting a narrow terrace along the rim of Mickleden Edge, with fine, if slightly daunting views down to the left. In reverse, it becomes a mainly manageable singletrack climb, followed by a fast and furious drop that ends with some tight and tricky switchbacks that require supreme balance to get round.
The stretch past the reservoirs could obviously be ridden either way round, or even out and back, if you have a real dislike for tarmac. Mix and match as you please. And the southern loop is also optional, so an early bath is an option as the track slips past Fairholmes on the way up to Whinstone Lee Tor.
But don’t quit too easily; if you’ve got the strength, there’s more superb riding to be had here. Perhaps, take lunch at the cafe and then ride the second half in the afternoon.