The highlight of this ride is the lengthy, undulating section of the Cleveland Way that runs between Kepwick and Hambleton Mosses. By starting at Sneck Yate, this can be broken in two to provide an interesting start and a fast-rolling finish, with all the climbing in the middle section of the ride, when your legs will feel at their strongest.
The opening section is a peach. The narrow ribbon of track traces the edge of the Sneck Yate Bank escarpment and offers up huge views over the rolling farmland to the west. You’ll need to keep at least one eye on the trail though — there are some fairly steep drops in places. It eventually turns back on itself, and heads easily east, across the plateau, before diving steeply into a deeply-cloven valley. The descent can be a little hairy when wet, so wait for a dryish day if you really want to make the most of the height you’ve gained.
The climb out again is stiff. Too stiff, in fact, for an easy route. But it’s the only one available, so it’s a matter of digging in for a few minutes. It soon eases and leads you nicely onto a farm drive where you’ll quickly regain your breath. The next descent is a little easier to start with, but a sharp right, that’s easily missed, throws everything out of keel a little and you’ll do well not to fall before you reach the bottom.
Easy road riding follows now, but don’t get too comfortable. Before you know it you’ll be starting the long and gruelling climb away from Arden Hall and up onto the moor top near Kepwick. A left turn gains a fast-rolling rock-strewn descent on the Cleveland Way; and this terminates on a good singletrack that crosses the top of the wood on Boltby Moor. It’s downhill all the way now, but be careful not to mis-cue at High Paradise, you’ll regret it despite the wonderful name.