How to shorten a SRAM brake hose using a Stealth-a-majig

SRAM’s new Stealth-a-majig is backwards compatible with all SRAM and Avid brakes – here’s how to make the connection.

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When SRAM updated their hydraulic hose connections they made them more fool proof. Thankfully the Stealth-a-majig, as it’s called, is backwards compatible with all SRAM and Avid brakes so we aren’t lumbered with another standard. Here’s how to make the connection.

Step 1

Remember you can’t add hose length once it’s cut so measure twice and cut once. Ensure that you get full movement of the bars and that suspension action is unhindered. Mark where you want to cut the hose and make a clean and straight cut using a new Stanley knife blade or dedicated hose cutter. Always trim at the lever end!

Step 2

Lubricate the threads of the silver hose fitting with SRAM/AVID Dot Grease and screw it clockwise into the hose using a T8 Torx key.

Step 3

Ensure that the silver hose fitting is threaded all the way in and that its shoulder cleanly butts up against the hose with zero gap. Any gaps could cause leaks. Ensure that the nut and any rubber shroud is in place on the hose.

Step 4

Using fingers only screw your new red olive into place anti-clockwise until it stops and is tight. This should leave between 0mm and 0.5mm of the silver hose fitting exposed as shown. The hose can now be connected to the lever.

Step 5

Secure the shortened hose to your lever. It’s recommended that you use a Crow’s Foot wrench and correctly calibrated torque wrench for this (check your brake manual for correct torque settings). It will be necessary to bleed your brakes for optimal performance.