Shifting sticky and slow? Usually the simple job of replacing your gear cable can transform your bikes shifting for the better. Here's how to do it.

Shonky shifting ruining your ride? A gammy or frayed cable is the top culprit, so here’s how to replace your gear cable. It’s a five minute fix.

One of the best ways to boost shifting performance is by refreshing your inner cable. It’s also quick and relatively easy. Here’s how.

Step 1: As long as nothing is bent or severely worn and everything was set correctly previously do not fiddle with any gear adjustments other than cable tension. Unless you understand the adjustments you could make things worse. Start by shifting into the smallest sprocket on the cassette as shown.

Step 2: Wind the barrel adjuster/s in all the way and then back them out one turn – there will definitely be an adjuster on the shifter and could be one on the mech too. Cut the inner cable only at the rear mech and undo the cable clamp to release the old cable end. Remove the cable port (Shimano/SRAM) or cover (SRAM) at the shifter and remove the inner cable.

Step 3: Feed the new inner cable into the shifter, through the outer cable and into the rear mech. Make sure the cable is routed correctly, pull it taught and clamp it. Re-fit the cable port/cover at the shifter, trim the cable and add a crimp as shown.

Step 4: Your indexing should be roughly set. Shift up one sprocket and align the top jockey wheel with the sprocket as shown by turning the barrel adjuster. Run through the gears and tweak the tension if required.