Banjo fiddling

Step by step guide to tuning the banjo on the brake caliper.

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Nitrile gloves and eye protection are recommended for this task.

1. Slacken the banjo bolt just enough to enable rotation of the banjo — try 1/8th turn at a time. Don’t undo it too far; you’ll lose fluid and may need to bleed your brake.

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2. On some brakes the banjo bolt runs through the caliper and the bleed screw is situated in the centre of the retaining nut. If this is the case, only slacken the nut with a ring spanner. Do not undo the Torx bleed screw.

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3. Move the banjo into the prime position to minimise rubbing, give the cleanest look and enable the shortest path for the hose.

4. Re-tighten the hose to the manufacturer’s recommended torque for your specific brake.