Healthy ways to stay energised on your ride.

Here are our top five recommended trail snacks to eat on a ride. Healthy, delicious and guaranteed* to get you up that last big climb.

*not an actual guarantee

And yes we have even gone to trouble of weighing them. Every gram counts right?

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The five best trail snacks

trail snacks

Trail mix

1. Trail mix

30g serving, 45p

Easy to transport, deliciously moreish, and packed full of carbs, protein and healthy fats, the humble trail mix is perfect riding food. Don’t even think about buying it though, it’s simple and cheap to make up your own batch. Mix nuts, seed and dried fruit in any combo you like, our favourite is a blend of almonds, pistachios, brazils, pumpkin seeds, raisins and toasted coconut flakes — buy in bulk then divvy up into handfuls.

trail snacks

Chocolate milk

2. Chocolate milk

250g serving, 29p

You really can drink chocolate on the trails and call it a healthy option. That’s because the milk gives a massive carbohydrate hit that’s essential to keep you riding, and it hydrates you too. The chocolate? That’s not just there for the taste either, it’s a food source of cancer-fighting antioxidants, and may well improve your blood flow and reduce blood pressure. Still not convinced? Some studies have shown that it’s actually a better drink for athletes than an expensive recovery shake (citation:

trail snacks

A banana, yesterday

3. Banana

120g banana, 13p

Conveniently packed in their own biodegradable wrapper, bananas are nature’s convenience food. Just so happens they’re full of potassium, which helps your body use its fuel more efficiently and lets you ride further. Low potassium levels have also been linked to cramping too. Finally, they’re full of carbohydrates — both slow and quick release in the form of glucose and fructose, so you won’t get an energy spike followed by a crash.

trail snacks

Homemade energy bar

4. Homemade energy bars

60g serving, 90p

There are some great shop-bought bars around that save you time and effort, but make your own and they’ll have exactly the same energy-giving effect… just for less cost. Mix it how you like it — typical energy bars are made from oats, cereal, fruit and nuts. Then you can add extra bits like chocolate, dates, honey, peanut butter, anything you fancy.

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trail snacks

Cool! Jerky

5. Jerky

50g serving, £2

Jerky’s had a bad rap over the years because it used to be packed full of additives like MSG, sugar or a ton of salt. But get the right stuff — grass fed beef, with no nasty additives — and it’s a brilliant source of protein, which you’ll need to repair muscle that’s broken down by exercise. It’s last on the list because you should it eat as you finish your ride, or before the final descent, because it’s the best for recovery.