Let us navigate you through the latest range of Cube MTBs

Let us guide you through the 2018 range of Cube mountain bikes. Whether you’re a beginner or an looking to race downhill. Cube have you covered.

Do you know the difference between an Acid and an Attention, an AMS or a Stereo?

Cube is the other big Germanic bike company beginning with a ‘C’. Long held in high regard by its fans for producing incredibly well specced bikes at great prices. One of the reasons Cube can offer such good value is that all of its bikes are hand assembled in their massive Bavarian factory. But unlike Canyon, Cube isn’t a direct-to-consumer brand, in fact you probably have a bike shop in your area that stocks them. That said, the Cube catalogue is so vast and varied, catering as they do for riders of pretty much any off-road discipline that not many shops will be able to show you the whole range. So here’s our handy guide to walk you through the main models available.

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cube stereo 160

The Cube Stereo 160 C:62 in action.


With eight different model ranges, its easy to get confused with Cube’s hardtails especially as the majority share similar geometries focussed more on cross country and light trail use rather than ‘hardcore’ hardtails. Most models are offered with two different colour options and a few with multiple wheel size options. There’s also a high level of frame and component colour coordination, so regardless of cost the bikes look slick and well thought out. Just be aware that not all of the models listed on Cube’s website are available for the UK market. The Allroad versions of several ranges (bikes with lights, mudguards and kickstand) are unavailable to the UK.

Is it better to have a good hardtail rather than a bad full suspension?

There are four ‘ranges’ of hardtails that all have names that start with an ‘A’; Aim, Analog, Attention, Acid, but in fact they all share the same aluminium frame. It’s just the componentry that changes.

The Aim is the entry point into Cube’s MTB range.

It all starts with the entry point Aim. At £429, the Aim (as well as the others) is available with either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels dependent on frame size. Making sure there should be a frame size to fit the majority of riders regardless of  height. A 100mm SR Suntour suspension fork, 8-speed Shimano groupset and cable disc brakes complete the package. At the top of this range is the £899 Acid. For this price, unbelievably, it comes with a Shimano XT drivetrain and RockShox Recon Silver air fork.

cube reaction

The mid-range Reaction series features a lighter aluminium frame.

The Reaction series features a much lighter and stiffer, triple-butted aluminium frame and higher levels of componentry. Three of the four models follow on from the Acid with more cross country geometry (albeit slightly longer in reach and a degree slacker in head angle) but the Reaction TM is Cube’s nod to the UK specific ‘hardcore’ hardtail. It has a reinforced frame and slacker angles for more technical riding ability. Mated to 2.6″ diameter tyres, a longer 130mm travel Fox 34 suspension fork and wide bar/short stem cockpit dimensions. The range starts at £1049 for the Reaction Pro and the top end TM and SL versions are £1599.

A quick peak at our highlights of the new 2018 Cube mountain bike range

Frame material is the big change at the Reaction C:62 level. Here carbon fibre takes off to create a range of bikes suited for general trail riding through to XC racing. The Reaction C:62‘s carbon frame has all the latest features such as 148mm Boost rear dropouts and dropper post routing. The range starts at £1399 for the Shimano XT and RockShox Recon Silver equipped Reaction C:62 through to £2699 for the SRAM XO1 Eagle/RockShox Reba RL equipped Reaction C:62 Eagle.

At the top end is the 8.9kg Elite C:68 carbon XC race bike.

Perched right at the top of the hardtail tree are the Elite bikes. These feature even lighter carbon frames and top flight components with an emphasis on XC racing more than anything else. Starting at £3499 for the Shimano XTR equipped Elite C:62 Race. At the very top is an even lighter framed Elite C:68 SLT at £5999.

Of course Cube has a range of fat bikes. Called the Nutrail, the three bike range all come equipped with light, triple butted aluminium frames and a RockShox Bluto suspension fork. The entry Nutrail is £1599 whilst at the top is the Nutrail Race at £2399.

Full suspension

Things are a little more distinct with Cube’s full suspension bikes, with the suspension travel indicated somewhere in the name for all ranges.

cube ams 100 c:68

If you’re looking for a lightweight, XC race full suspension then look no further than the AMS 100 C:68.

The AMS 100 C:68 is Cube’s short-travel cross country rocket ship. Just three models deep, each has a lightweight, high end C:68 carbon main frame providing 100mm of travel and 29er. They all feature remote lockouts for both front and rear suspension and the best race worthy kit. AMS 100 C:68 Race – £3499, AMS 100 C:68 SL £4999, AMS 100 C:68 SLT £5999.

Short travel trail ripping Stereo 120 is available with either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels and both aluminium and carbon frame options.

For general trail riding Cube has the Stereo 120 and Stereo 120 HPC models (£1399 – £3499). The key difference here is the HPC range comes with a carbon front triangle and higher spec sheets. All five Stereo 120 machines are available in either 27.5″ or 29″ wheel sizes, to cater for a broad range of rider heights. The entry level Stereo 120 looks remarkable value at just £1399 for a bike with Shimano XT and Manitou air shocks.

For trail centres, all-mountain and ‘light’ enduro the Stereo 140 is the go-to machine.

Probably the range best suited to trail centre and all-mountain riding is the newly revamped Stereo 140. With 140mm of rear wheel travel and a 150mm travel suspension fork gives it broad appeal and the updated carbon frame is now longer and slacker than before. 27.5″ Boost wheel size is standard and each of the three models has an enviable parts list. Starting at £2499 for the Stereo 140 HPC Race with Fox suspension and Shimano XT drivetrain. The top level Stereo 140 HPC TM has full Fox Factory spec including Transfer dropper for only £3499.

It should also be mentioned that Cube produce a Youth version of the Stereo 140, available in a 13.5″ framesize and with tuned SR Suntour suspension for £1699.

You want more travel? Here’s the Stereo 160 enduro killer.

All-mountain to enduro is the realm of the Stereo 160. Again a small, three bike range but this time with a lower level, aluminium framed model to lower prices. 160mm of front and rear travel with Fox suspension on all three.

Bike park big air? The Hanzz 190 with its 190mm of travel will get you down the most technical of trails.

If freeride or bike park riding is your thing then the newly launched Hanzz 190 is your bike. The three bike range looks slightly disjointed as the lower Hanzz 190 Race (£2299) and top end Hanzz 190 TM (£3799) come with 180mm single crown forks. Whereas the middle Hanzz 190 SL (£2399) has almost more potential as a privateer downhiller, coming as it does with a 200mm travel Marzocchi Bomber triple clamp fork.

To cater for downhill racing Cube produce the Two15. As its name suggests, this beast provides 215mm of rear wheel travel. Two complete models are available as well as a frame only option (£2299-£4899). The team replica Two15 Race is specced with Fox 40 Factory suspension forks and a Fox Factory X2 air shock.


Cube also has one of the widest ranges of pedal-assisted eMTBs of any brand. In fact for almost every one of the above mentioned ranges there is a corresponding electric version. Cube include the name Hybrid to denote that the bike is an eBike.

cube reaction hybrid pro 500

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 hardtail is a mid-range, aluminium  framed eMTB with Bosch motor and external battery.

There are equivalent Hybrid models for the Acid, Reaction, Elite and Nutrail hardtail mountain bikes. All are fitted with the latest Bosch motors and batteries. All models from the Acid Hybrid One 400 (£1599) through to the Reaction Hybrid Race 500 (£2399) have external batteries and aluminium frames. From the Reaction Hybrid SL 500 (£2799) all higher models come with neatly integrated Bosch Power Tube internal batteries. The two highest Elite hardtail models come with lighter carbon frames and high equipment specs, the top end Elite Hybrid C:62 SLT 500 has an ebike specific Fox 34 suspension fork and Shimano XT Di2 electronic shifting for £5499.

Cube stereo hybrid 160 action team

At the top end of Cube’s full suspension eMTBs is the Stereo Hybrid 160 Action Team 500.

As with the hardtails, Cube produce Hybrid versions of their three Stereo full suspension models, again all are specced with Bosch motors and batteries.but this time all models are specced with wider 27.5″x2.6″ tyres for better grip. For riders wanting a trail friendly eMTB then the Stereo Hybrid 120 and carbon framed Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC has the widest range. Prices go from £2999 to £5999. There are four Stereo Hybrid 140 models ranging from the SR Suntour equipped Pro 500 at £3199 to the Fox 36/Float DPX equipped, £4499 Stereo Hybrid 140 TM 500. For technical, all-mountain eMTB thrashing then the latest Stereo Hybrid 160 range is best suited. This culminates in the excellent Stereo Hybrid 160 Action Team 500, which comes with the best Fox Factory level suspension, Shimano Saint brakes and a SRAM EX1 eMTB specific drivetrain for £5399.


Women’s range

As to be expected Cube has a range of female specific models to choose from. Each of which has a few refinements to make them more suitable for women, such as a lighter spring/tune for the suspension, female specific saddles, narrower handlebars and narrower diameter grips.

cube access ws

The entry level, female specific Access WS hardtail.

There are six aluminium framed Access WS hardtail models (equivalent to the Aim-Acid models) aimed at recreational off-roading, starting from £429. Plus two cross country oriented, carbon fibre framed Access WS C:62 models priced at £1399 and £1899.

Cube sting ws 140 hpc sl

For riders wanting a capable and versatile female specific full suspension bike, look no further than the Sting WS 140 HPC SL.

The four female specific full suspension models are split evenly between the trail oriented Sting WS 120 and the all-mountain and trail centre Sting WS 140. Both Sting WS 120 models have aluminium frames, with the entry point Sting WS 120 coming equipped with Suntour suspension and a 10-speed Shimnao XT drivetrain to keep the price down to £1399. The Longer travel Sting WS 140 bikes come with lighter carbon fibre frames and parts designed for regular use and abuse. The Sting WS 140 HPC Race (£2299) comes with Fox suspension and Shimano XT 11-speed, whereas the top level Sting WS 140 HPC SL is equipped with a RockShox Pike 150mm travel fork, RockShox Super Deluxe rear shock and a SRAM XO1 Eagle drivetrain for £3599.