Low profile, lightweight and has near perfect beam and focus

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Exposure Joystick Mk11


Exposure Joystick Mk11 light review


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At less than 100g, the Exposure Joystick is the lightest helmet light on test, and that also includes the mount.

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This is Exposure’s original ball and socket design, which easily bolts through a central helmet vent. If you lack one, there’s a more conventional mount included in the box.

The light is low profile, but if you’re worried about catching it on a branch and flying off into the bushes, Exposure also includes a lanyard to tie to the helmet.


As a smart light, the Joystick has programmable settings, so you can choose the sequence of power modes and associated run times — these are all printed on the housing for convenience.

Like all Exposure lights, it also features Smart Port+ Technology, which allows you to plug in accessories like a remote switch, 0mini rear led lamp or USB cable.

On high beam, the Joystick delivers 891 lumens and, even though it doesn’t have a wide spread of light, with the updated lens it is really focused and produces an incredibly white light, making it perfect for picking out detail.

It’s at the upper end, price-wise, but low profile, lightweight and has a near perfect beam and focus.


Lumens:900, 450, 250
Run time:1.5, 3, 5hr