Here’s a helmetcam run from the Albany Urban Downhill last weekend. Normally when you here the term “urban DH” you think of South America and the super-fast, super-narrow madness that the likes of Marcelo Gutierrez are famous for.

The Albany Urban Downhill isn’t quite like that.

For a start, it’s not very urban. It’s suburban in places but a whole lot of the course seems to be off-road.

When it does enter the townscape there’s not a whole lotta narrow alleyways to be found. It’s typically wide-open loads-of-room Australian town planning. Cue plentiful use of makeshift ramps and shipping containers.

The first section looks more like an example of trail sabotage than a downhill course too. And what are those logs all about at 3min 15secs?

The off-road stuff in general is intriguing. That stuff look super narrow and tight in places. There are some horrible looking flat landing jumps stuck in there as well.

And what’s that we can see? Mud? In Australia? That’s cheered us up no end on its own!

But hey, it’s the only urban downhill race in Australia so kudos tho the organisers for getting it off the ground. It does look like a lot of fun and it’s always good to see more varied events happening in mountain biking around the globe.

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It’s hard not to like an event where you have to jump over a pair of “utes” at the finish line. Bonzer mate!