The Masters’ World Championships has kicked off this week and as the older riders take to the course we’ve managed to find a cheeky helmet cam that shows off the course the elite riders will tackle on 6 September. The Masters’ World Championship is for riders who are over the age of 45.

We can’t confirm that this is the exact course that will be used by the elite riders, but if it is, it looks to be very similar to the World Cup track that was raced in 2013, with steep, tech sections and some wooden features. There’s no complaints here though, that race was absolutely wild. The race was won by Remi Thirion who took some creative lines to claim his maiden victory.

Thirion has been out with injury for a large part of this season so the title seems to be Aaron Gwin’s to lose at the moment. However, despite his World Cup domination in the past few years, Gwin has never taken the World Champs, could he buckle under the pressure again? In the women’s race we find it hard to see anyone beating Rachel Atherton, but it’s the Worlds and with national pride at stake, who can say what will happen?

The Master’s won’t actually race until Thursday, so we can’t tell you who knows all the sneaky lines just yet! The Elite World Champs will take place on 6 September so the riders have plenty of time to mull the track over before taking on the highest pressured 3 minutes of the year.