Sam Dale likes sugar snap peas, Wyn Masters wants to be a bird and Rachel Throop takes up to 30 selfies per week. For all these facts and more about the GT Factory Racing team look no further than this video.

It’s not often we get a look inside the workings of a factory race team but it’s nice that Brook MacDonald, Martin Maes and the rest of the GT team seem pretty relaxed and happy to chat in this word association game video.

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The highlight for us is watching Wyn Masters being asked what he would do at an EWS race if he needed a poo. Apparently: “You probably just have to hang it off the back of the seat and have a …”

It’s not an attitude we would recommend adopting at a packed trail centre, but if you’re in the wilderness and you’ve got to go… although we would recommend covering it up or burying it afterwards.

The GT team will be racing a mix of EWS and downhill races this year with Brook MacDonald having claimed its first win at a New Zealand national round earlier this winter.