Watch as Claudio and Mark Wallace shred in the soon-to-be opened Stevie Smith Bike Park in Nanaimo, built in honour of Stevie.

It’s a special run, honouring both Stevie and his rad skills, especially considering it’s the track where he cut his teeth and honed his lightening fast riding.

True to form, Claudio cases a LOT of the jumps, yells lots of incoherent words and insults the Canadian French – but what more would you expect?

To be fair to him, though, the jumps are pretty big and he does go back every time until he gets them dialled. In fact, the whole course is pretty mental, with a massive opening drop, big jumps and beautifully sculpted corners.

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Claudio being a general hooligan

Nanaimo isn’t just where Stevie developed himself as a rider, it’s also where he took Mark Wallace under his wing and showed him how to ride, creating the World Cup shredder that we know today.

It’s also the same area that first made Stevie famous when he turned heads in the film Seasons, demonstrating just how fast he was as a fresh faced youngster.

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The Stevie Smith Bike Park will be constructed in Nanaimo, featuring runs like this and a Velosolutions pump track. The park is set to open on August 9, and it looks like it should be a bit of a party, with plenty of pros turning to celebrate.