27 year old Canadian Drew Bezanson believes he can make a successful switch to mountain bike slopestyle stuff.

Bezanson is the rider in the video above doing crazy things with a halfpipe and ramps principally made out of shipping containers.

The announcement comes a month ahead of the Red Bull Joyride mountain bike event happening at Whistler on August 21st – which is the same weekend as the Olympic mountain biking so you’ll have to set your VCR* accordingly

Why has he decided to rag a mountain bike down some slopestyle madness? “I’m still doing both, but MTB Slopestyle is simplicity at its finest. It’s ripping down hills with your friends and it reminded me of what I love in biking.

“It’s the opportunity to ride slope courses exactly like the ones I want to ride in BMX, but we don’t have.

“The big ramps at the last MTB contest I did were 3.5m high, while a BMX ramp that helps you take off is about 2m high. I definitely had to pick out new spots to ride. It’s difficult to find proper size ramps for MTB – you have to build your own or travel to find new spots.”

After missing out on qualifying at the Swatch Rocket Air and Crankworx Les Gets wild card events, he will line up again at the Colorado Freeride Festival this weekend in the hope of clinching a place.

In terms of how the two bikes differ, he revealed: “Mountain bikes are quite a lot bigger with a different rotation and wheel size ratio, while BMX bikes were made to do tricks.

“But the riding sensations are pretty much the same. Two wheels is two wheels. You can adapt pretty quickly.

“My goal is to make Joyride. I need to get a wild card to be able to ride there. It’s a whole new world.”

“It’s a very different challenge, and definitely not scarier because MTB is a lot steadier. It’s just comfortable doing tricks on a mountain bike.”

*ask yer Dad.