SRAM has dropped its carbon enduro 29er wheel for 2016. The Roam 60 wheelset previously came in 29 and 27.5 options but the 29 inch version will not be made in 2016.

Roam is the all mountain/ enduro wheelset produced by SRAM and sits between the gravity oriented Rail and the XC Rise. The 60 is the only carbon wheel in the Roam range but you can still buy a 29er version of the alloy Roam 50, 40 and 30.

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SRAM said: “Looking at the market trends, we see less and less longer travel 29” trail bikes being produced by the bike manufacturers. In this category, there is simply much more demand for 27.5”

Also for 2016, the Sram Roam 60 wheels have been widened to 30mm. The previous iteration of the Roam 60 wheels used a meagre 21mm internal width meaning an increase of almost 50 per cent.

Despite the extra width, the Roam wheels haven’t put on too much weight. the claimed weight in the lightest configuration for the 21mm internal wheels was 1,570 grams, this has only increased to 1,625 grams despite the extra material.

Also new for 2016 is the option of a customisable sticker pack that gives you the option to have the logos in red, blue, orange, yellow, green or grey.

A front wheel will cost £720 and a rear wheel will cost £800.

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At the heart of the new wheels will be SRAM’s 900 series hub which boasts massive compatibility. They covers pretty much every axle standard on the market including Boost, they can be configured with 21mm end caps or 31mm Torque caps that are used to increase stiffness and they can have SRAM XD or Shimano driver bodies. Claimed weights are 150g for the front and 275g for the rear.

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