A new video from Brandon Semenuk has landed. If you’re still reading this – and not just immediately watching the clip – well done.

When is a video from Brandon Semenuk disappointing? Answer: never. After all, his famous ‘one shot segment’ in UnReal is often stated to be the best mountain bike ‘edit’ of all time.

And even when he’s not the star of an edited movie, he’s always the principal jaw-dropper at freeride events like Red Bull Rampage. Who can forget his winning run from last year? Simply amazing.

Video description

SRAM MTB: “There’s a special greatness in simplicity. And greatness is sometimes best measured in what you don’t see. When there’s something left for your imagination. When you can’t taste every ingredient. When you don’t see the hours of thought, and practice, and trial, and error. When you can do more, but less is more powerful. When you express yourself purely, simply. There’s greatness in simplicity, but it isn’t simple.”