Head out to Scotland with the Trippin Fellaz to sail from isle to isle in search of untouched singletrack!

Okay so technically there aren’t any Lochs in his vid. But the headline rhyme was just too good to miss!

This is another wanderlusting video from Scott Bikes from their Chasing Trail series. It’s a lovely vid that, while it takes its time to get to riding, is well worth persevering with because the riding looks awesome.

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There’s some sick looking trails there. Talking of which, there’s also just some sick.

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Over to you Fellaz…

“The Hebrides are a collection of Islands scattered to the top left of mainland Scotland. Island life brings a much slower pace full of tiny communities. Without real roads and with stunning scenery there is no better way to explore the region than by the power of the wind. An intricate maze of sea channels, loch’s and bays await even the most hardy of sailor with one of the main adversary’s being the weather closely followed by rocks, sand banks and wrecks.

“As we were quick to learn wind and sail power is not the most efficient way of travelling when on a timescale and the waiting game is a big part of the adventure. Exposed water is a scary place in the wrong winds and perusing even the closest of coastline’s can soon become an insurmountable task and sometimes vomit educing pass time.

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“After a few days at sea dry land brings welcome sturdiness. Passing the bikes off the dingy onto the seaweed ridden pier was more than enough encouragement for the riding that awaited us on the island of Rum.

“Dry, even, un-rocking land can very often be taken for granted. Sand, grass and rock were all things we treasured one hundred percent more after a rough few days at sea. Finally with fresh, Scottish summer air in our lungs and the Skye Ridge towering above us it no longer mattered how or when we had arrived here, all that mattered was the green carbon lumps of joy that we were lugging up the hill above our heads. A glance back reminded us of the coast and the open water between us and Rum that now looked so deceptively calm.

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“In our eyes a trail is enhanced three times over by the environment and the surroundings that it puts you in. The centuries old path leading up from Glen Brittle has it all. The grip, flow and satisfaction of the granite slabs up top, spitting you into the rough, raw, rocky walkers path half way before a smooth line of velvet single-track glides you down onto the beach. Grinning cannot quite cover the happiness that a well flowing trail in a stunning location can bring you and to travel in such a way just makes it all that more worthwhile.”