Saracen’s latest video featuring Marc Beaumont and Matt Simmonds is refreshingly gimmick-free and simple but effective.

Kinda like their bikes really. Which, if we’re not mistaken, in this video appear to be the Saracen Ariel and the Saracen Kili Flyer.

Beaumont’s on the Ariel and Simmonds is on the Kili Flyer. We guess Beaumont needs the extra travel in his old age – joke! Ex-World Cup DH racer Beaumont is still flipping rapid, as this video shows.

p.s. here’s the info about the new longer and lower Saracen Ariel.

Video description

Saracen: “Nothing quite beats the pure enjoyment of shredding your local trails! The freedom it gives, the relaxation, the adrenaline and the passion all rolled into one makes for a feeling like no other. The transition from winter to spring can be one of the most rewarding times to ride as the ground gets drier and the days get longer. So we headed out to find some hidden woodland gems to remind us all just why we love our sport so much.

“Here at Saracen, we’re really proud about the bikes we build and we always come back to our simple mantra of #JustRide”