It’s the nineties and these nutters are having a go at all kinds of impressively unwise stunts on some snowy North American mountains.

At least snow is soft to land on eh?

This video is a great watch for riders of any age really but for riders of a certain age (40-odd), as well as the entertaining riding footage, there’s the added bonus of being able to play “spot the retro bike and component”.

Is that a San Andreas at the start? There’s defo a GT LTS with an original Marzocchi Bomber Z1 in there too.

And how high do they insist on running their seatposts?

Why are they all riding clipless pedals when attempting this madness?

Why did they even think they’d be able to ride down that clifftop slope?

Best bit? Ooh, there are loads. Perhaps are personal favourite moment is the huuuge dead sailor crash at 1min 50secs.

Video description

“Old school Warren Miller footage of mountain bikers shredding down treacherous terrain.”