BMX Bandits meets Deliverance via 28 Days Later in ‘Downhill’ – a low-budget horror movie based around mountain biking.

Warning: brief nudity so NSFW.

Chances are if you’re a keen mountain biker, you’ll watch pretty much anything that has a mountain bike in it.

But are you up for sitting through 82 minutes of bizarro bike horror that was filmed in a mere thirteen days, shot on a mix of GoPro and Sony mirrorless cameras and features some of the ropiest acting (and dodgiest bike riding) you’ll see this year?

If the answer is yes (what’s the matter with you?) then head over to YouTube and shell out £3.49 to watch the whole thing.

What’s it about? Storyline from IMDB: “After his best friend dies in a racing accident, biking star Joe agrees to go back on the wheels for an exhibition in Chile. On a test run with his girlfriend Stephanie, they stumble upon a badly injured man dying from a mysterious virus. That’s the start of a very bad day for them as they become the target of relentless killers ready to do anything to keep their secret to go out of the mountains.”

Is it any good? Well, the general consensus of reviews is “no, not really” but with low-budget horror films there will always be someone whose switch is flicked…

“For me what started as a simple flick just on the edge of boredom becomes a flick that keep you watch it until the end. In fact, it’s got it all, witchcraft, satanism, creatures, and a bit of found footage. I liked it.” – Trashgang’s review on IMDB.