Yoann Barelli and Peter Matthews put on a full-throttle clinic in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

Do you need a reason to put off doing your day job for just that tiny bit longer?

If you watch this vid (maybe a couple of times) it’ll soon be just about time to get away with having your first coffee break of the day.

>>> Mountain biking on a road bike, with Yoann Barelli (VIDEO)

What’s good about the vid?

The riding is smooth even though most of the trails are not. You can daydream what it would be like to be that good on a bike.

The ambient sounds recorded are ace. The skrrrrrtt of tyre on dirt. The hollow rumble of thick casing tyres ripping along. The pitter patter of the suspension doing its best to keep the tyres in touch with earth.

And more importantly, it’s not a spreadsheet.

Watch it now. It’s bound to actually improve your workrate afterwards because you’ll just be gosh darned inspired.

Well, that’s what you can tell your boss when they find you spending work time and bandwith watching mountain bike videos.