A new video released by MET helmet features some impressive riding down sketchy desert mountainsides. And is that a new helmet we can spy too?

Even if you’re not overly interested in a potential new mountain bike helmet release, this moody monochrome (that’s black and white to you and me) movie is still worth a couple of minutes of your eyeball time.

It’ll have you hunting down your nearby pile of shale to re-enact it. Possibly.

In case you were wondering, the riders featured are Veronika Widmann, Kilian Bron and Liam Moynihan.

Video description

MET Helmets: “Things aren’t always black and white. In everything we do there are short, but vital moments, easily missed. Times where we choose, without knowing. Details. Emotion. Intuition. All of these define your chosen line, or your position in the frame. It’s in this margin of uncertainty that the most courageous riders seek out new routes, fresh trails and untapped free-rides. It’s our natural spirit of adventure that propels us to find these hidden treasures. The earth itself drives us to explore, it pushes us to go further and see more. All rides can be spectacular if you listen to this spirit. All rides lead to ROAM.”