We all like to say we use mountain biking as an escape, but for Tahran Chidley it could well have saved her life.

At the age of 17 Trahran Chidley met her first boyfriend. Unfortunately the relationship soon turned sour. She says: “He was constantly putting me down, which made me dislike myself. Instead of it just being emotional he then become physically violent and abusive towards me. I felt like I was nothing. I was alone, frightened.” The relationship culminated with her partner threatening to burn down the house, kill her dogs, even her dad.

At her lowest point, with her confidence in tatters, Traharn was asked to go mountain biking by her brother. The ride allowed her to feel like she was free “for the first time in a long time”. From that point she grew in confidence and nurtured a love of the outdoors that allowed her to break out of the relationship.

Today Traharn is a keen fell runner, mountain biker and ultra-marathon runner. She races enduro internationally and has twice won the QECP Trail Collective Enduro.

This video is part of the #iamendurance series from Sealskins that highlights the stories of people who have endured hardships in their lives but used their love of the outdoors to overcome then. The first in the series followed Sandy Plenty who was saved from a heart transplant through riding his bike.