The Aussie roll, a double backflip 360, a double cork 1080, flip-90-180-flip-90 – nobody seems really too sure what to call this trick but whatever it is it’s certainly pretty special.

Travis Pastrana is a man that should need no introduction, as a motocross legend and patron of the Nitro Circus he really has done all that is possible on a dirt bike. Well, now he can add some mountain bike credentials to his CV as this is the first time someone has ever landed an Aussie Roll.

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His attempt happened after the Nitro Circus event in London’s O2 Arena on 6 February. Pastrana had been working on the trick for three years and decided that it was time to try it for real. All it took was two practice runs before Pastrana was ready to try the trick. He nailed it first time.

Pastrana said: “Snowboarding calls it a double cork 1080 because it’s three off-axis spins and you go inverted twice. Basically, two flips and one spin. Basically, flip-90-180-flip-90. Everyone does it a little different, but a scooter kid from Australia dubbed it an ‘Aussie roll,’ and the name stuck.

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“Putting on a show in front of tens of thousands of people is an amazing feeling. But sessions like this morning’s practice with just your friends are what we live for.”

If you want to see Pastrana in the flesh then The Nitro Circus returns to tour around the UK in June. For more information, click here.