A thoughtful video about the ‘why’ of mountain biking that’s also a tribute to Pitch Hill and the Surrey Hills.

This video will divide households. The mountain bikers will all be nodding in agreement. The non-mountain bikers will be shaking their heads in exasperation!

Anyway. The vid. Phil Grundy had some tough times last year with what sounds like a struggling new business that didn’t go to plan.

“When you’re stressed out and you’re worried I just chuck the bike in the car and go ride and it puts my mind back at ease or I just forget about it and just go and enjoy the woods.”

“Whatever you had in your mind that was bothering you, isn’t as bad. It’s meditation in a way.”

“I base my life around riding. I’ve got my career and work but if I move anywhere or do anything I think about ‘Am I going to take my bike?'”

“No matter where I go or what I do I always have to have my bike with me. It always will be like that.”

Video description

Fly Creative: “Pitch Hill – A short documentary following mountain biker Phil Grundy exploring his passion for the sport.

“Phil takes the viewer on a journey through the trails and woodlands of the beautiful Surrey Hills.

“From an early age, Phil has had a relentless passion for mountain biking and it is this enthusiasm, which jumps out of the screen. Although his life has taken a number of twists and turns: from injuries to business struggles, mountain biking has always been his anchor and his focus to pull him through the dark times.”