Grim, rainy and cold are not the only ways you can think about the north of England. Big, wild and brilliant for bikes is probably more relevant.

It seems a little unfair to only think about the north in terms of its ‘grimness’, rain and the fact that it is always grey and cold.

Perhaps as mountain bikers we are a little better for thinking about the fact it is home to some of the wildest but also the best riding the country has to offer.

As Sam Flanagan says “the north is real nice for riding, we got a lot of big hills and good woods”.

Hope demonstrate pretty well in this video that the weather can sometimes be a little bit on the wild side in the north but that should not dissuade us from getting out and riding our bikes come the winter months.

It does a pretty good job at showing us how mountain biking can bring some proper characters together, with this being a very humorous little film.

Their two attempts at doing Helvellyn look suitably horrible. The subsequent duck-out over to Wharncliffe woods sees them having a bit more fun and a bit less crazy weather.

The film actually dates back a few months actually but we thought we’d still dig it out from the back of the digital sofa cushions and show it.