A slender points lead, a wooden post, a snapped frame and a fatal puncture… this is the story of Minnaar’s calamitous World Cup in Val di Sole.

Yadda yadda… golf… yadda yadda… packing boxes… yadda yadda… just slide on straight to the 8min 30secs mark and watch some of best behind the scenes bike racing footage you’ll ever see.

Coming into the last race in the 2017 World Cup DH series, Greg Minnaar’s overall lead was so slight it was pretty meaningless. The whole year’s racing was essentially going to come down to one race run. Well, two if you factor in The Other Guy (Aaron Gwin).

We’re not spoiling the surprise for anyone by telling you that Gwin won the race and the overall World Cup series.

We’re probably not spoiling it either by revealing that Minnaar snapped his frame against a wooden post during practice. This wooden post subsequently features quite heavily in the aftermath, as this video shows.

We’re also unlikely to be the people breaking the news to you that Minnaar suffered a tyre blow out on his race run and ended up going through the tapes with a tyre flopping about wildly in his swing arm.

So although everyone know what happened during that fateful week in Italy, it is still utterly fascinating to watch this footage from the Santa Cruz Syndicate camp.

Perhaps the best thing – the most exciting thing – about this video is that it tees us up perfectly for this weekend’s World Championships in Cairns, Australia.

To say that Minnaar wants to win another rainbow jersey is an understatement.