Nice new piece from the storytelling collective, Graft tells the story of Matt. Matt is a bike shop wrench during the day and a trail builder well, pretty much every hour of the day he’s not in the bike shop.

If you’ve just spent the weekend railing trails that were the handiwork – and graft – of someone else then take stock and watch this vid. It might inspire you to graft some trails yourself or at the very least, respect the trails of others and not ride them to pieces in unsuitable conditions.

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To read the full story go to explain: “We all dream of trails that test us, that provide thrills and accomplishment, risk and reward in equal measure. Some of us are willing to put in the work to make these trails happen – to dig, sweat, bleed and to graft.

“Combining video, photography and words GRAFT tells the story of one of those people. Matt is a 9-5 bike shop mechanic and 5-9 trail builder, one of the bike industry’s unsung heroes.

“Told from both Matt’s point of view and seen as part of the wider trail building scene GRAFT is a glimpse at what is going on anywhere that bikes, a bit of dirt and some creative vision come together.”