Evocative fan-tribute video compilation of Steve Peat does a fabulous job of summarising Peaty’s racing career.

Peaty is arguably the only mountain bike racer who’s been through the whole range of eras in mountain biking.

All of those eras are represented in this video. The early-years of suspension. The golden days of big money biking. The modern era of slick coverage and amazing bikes.

There’s some nice footage end the end of Peaty ruling his hometown trails in Wharncliffe and Grenoside.

But perhaps the ‘best’ moment is at 1min 36secs. The heart-sinking wipeout in the 2004 World Champs.

Steve Peat in Great Britain team kit. Riding an Orange. Fastest at the split. He had it in the bag.

Then ‘that’ rear wheel wipeout.

That was arguably the moment where the mountain biking audience took Peaty to their hearts as one of their own. Maybe Peaty wouldn’t be so well loved if he’d not crashed?

The assembler of this edit (I think it’s safe to call this one an edit really) has done an exceptional job in not only tracking down the footage but also putting it altogether fairly coherently to end up with a film that is just over three minutes in length.

The video is called ‘The Superhero Of Mountain Bike’. This title and the opening animated credit probably refers to something Marvel Comic-y but we don’t get out much into the real world here at mbr so the references our lost on us!

Please feel free to enlighten us via the comments section.

Video description

TheCrow90MTB: “This is compilation I edited of many videos that can be found on YouTube. It is for entertainment purposes only. I don’ t. take any credit for the original footage, as I only edited the footage. All original footage credit goes to the filmers and owners.”