It’s Day 13 of our video countdown but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s unlucky. Here’s one of the most creative mountain bike videos we’ve ever seen.

Lego is one of the classic Christmas presents that every kid should receive at some point in their life but this video shows that us adults can have some fun with plastic bricks too.

The quality on this video would mean you could genuinely mistake it for an out take from the Lego Movie and the attention to detail is great – it must have taken so much time to make. We love the little references to mountain bike culture such as Norbs getting robbed and the title “Brown Pow Absolute Annihilation Shred Volume VI”.

To be honest mountain biking in Legoland seems like a pretty awesome deal – the jumps are sweet, the dirt is perfect, it never rains and your bike is always clean

The guys behind this video, Oxburger Studios, have also done a load of other Lego stop motion films that you should definitely check out on their YouTube channel if you get the time.