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Specialized likes to send its riders all over the world in search of hidden trails, this time Spesh brand ambassador Marshall Mullen heads to the Surrey Hills with local rider Christian Fairclough.

Watch Christian’s brother Brendan show mbr his Secrets of Better Riding in the Surrey Hills

The riding around Peaslake in the Surrey Hills looks amazing, with flowing singletrack and loamy, steep trails through the woods. From there it’s off to The S4P Bike Park — a little dirt jump spot in Milford, Surrey — where Olly Wilkins shows the duo how to get the most from the jumps.

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Scotland calls Christian and Marshall north, on a road trip that takes in the Fort William red trail, Kinlochleven and the Scottish Highlands. It looks like they were pretty lucky with the weather too, sunshine all the way.

Of course the real reason for the trip is to publicize Specialized’s new 2016 range of bikes, like the Camber you see in the edit. But hey, that doesn’t stop it being a fun video.