American protection company Asterisk reckons it can give you pole-position performance by simply clipping some magnets to your goggles and your nose. Intrigued? Well here’s how it works.

It’s called the AC System and it uses the attractive forces of two pairs of magnets to open your nostrils. One magnet sticks to your nostril using adhesive tape and the other uses Asterisk’s clipping system to attach to the inside of your goggles. The theory is that the magnets will attract each other and pull your nostrils wider therefore allowing you to take in more air with each breath.

It’s the same concept as an anti-snoring strip or the Turbine nose clip Chris Froome wore at the Tour de France this year but applied to goggles for the action sports market.

We’re sceptical about the actual performance benefits of this, after all we spend most of our time breathing through our mouths, but we’d definitely be interested to give it a try.

The system can only be used once as the nostril magnets will only stick to your nose once. It also doesn’t come cheap with the initial pack costing $60 (£40.25) and coming with 10 sets of magnets – an additional ten sets will cost you another $24.99 (£16.76), so it’s probably best to save them for race runs or big rides.

Asterisk hinted on Instagram two days ago that it was also developing a version of the AC System for sunglasses which would open the technology up to a far broader spectrum of riders.

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