Santa’s not got an easy job. In fact, we’ve calculated it would take Chris Froome 13 million non-stop hours at Tour de France pace (or 1,500 years) to cycle the same distance he covers in one night.

Thankfully, this year he’s got Dave Wardell and Charge bikes to help him deliver all his presents on time. So, with a fetching santa suit, a big sack of presents and a Cooker 27 plus hardtail, Wardell sets off to bring joy and gifts to the citizens of Sheffield.

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In classic Charge fashion, this video may not be the highest quality production in the world (especially in the section where Wardell takes a brief detour to Uluru and the moon) and the bizarre cover of Jingle Bells that plays in the background is terrible but it does bring some festive cheer and merriment.

We’re expecting a glut of Christmas themed videos over the next few weeks so if this was up your street then keep your eyes peeled for many more.