Product Overview


Pure i900 £149.99

Weight: 526g
Travel: 121mm
SIZES: 30.9 and 31.6mm
Length: 400mm
Remote i900 £189.99

The i900 adjustable seatpost is a rival to both the Gravity Dropper and Crank Bros Joplin, but the big difference is that it has 121mm adjustment, 19mm more than the Dropper and 46mm more than the Joplin. Pure is able to offer this because its method of eliminating play between the inner and outer shafts is a lot more robust. Three sets of loose ball-bearings sit in machined channels on the shaft allowing the post to move up and down, but the one-way ‘sprag’ bearing eliminates any twisting.

Functionally, the i900 is the same as the Crank Bros — by pressing the red release lever under the clamp and weighting the saddle you can drop it down to any position. Press it again and unweight the saddle and it’ll pop back up, or you can fine-tune it depending on your preference. It’s not as snappy as the Joplin but some testers say they prefer a more damped action because it allows them to be more precise with positioning. Some testers also reckon 5in might be too much, but a shorter version is on its way, so you can take your pick.

The forged clamp on our sample is crude compared to the other two, but anyone who had a Maverick explode on them will appreciate the robustness. It has a 6mm bolt and indents for saddle tilt, and it’s 7mm-rail compatible. Like the Joplin, there are only two sizes but more are planned. Our test post didn’t have the claimed 5in of adjustment; it measured up at 121mm, but if you want a post for the Megavalanche, or even day-to-day trail use, the i900 looks like the one to beat. It’s just a shame that since we got this post to test it’s gone up by £30. PB

Mbr rating: 9