Product Overview


Light and Motion Seca 700 £399.99

Weight: 731g
9-cell 11.1v Li-ion Battery
Helmet and bar mount
Multi-Chem Smart Charger
Brightness settings: 3 + flash
Carry case

I always thought a focused beam would be better for night riding than a flood beam but, having switched between the Hope Vision 4 tested in November and this new L&M Seca 700, I’m not so sure. As the name suggests, this light has 700 lumens of power, so in theory is a bit less than the Hope, but the LEDs overlap resulting in a more concentrated beam, which seems brighter and reaches further. The problem I’ve had is that the bright spot picks up on trees and ferns when riding singletrack and causes quite a bit of glare and reflection. In the open it doesn’t happen, but it does suggest that if you ride a lot in the woods, a light with a more diffused beam pattern may be a better bet.

Everything else about the Seca 700 is hard to fault. It’s lightweight, has an excellent tool-free, watchstrap-style bar mount, a Lithium Ion battery with close to the claimed five-hour run time (I measured it at 4hr 35mins) and breakaway collar (two spares are included) should you endo into the bushes and snap the light off the bar mount, which is a regular occurrence on a night ride. There’s even a helmet mount, smart charger and a nice padded case to carry the whole lot in. The Seca 700 doesn’t seem as home-made as my Hope and has a longer burn time, but it’s £100 more expensive, and with the credit crunch starting to kick in that matters more now than ever. PB

Mbr rating: 8