Product Overview


FSA Afterburner £159

Lengths: 170, 175mm / BB: MegaExo / Rings: 22/32/44 / Total weight: 979g / Contact:

The FSA Afterburner uses as similar crank/bottom bracket interface to the K-force carbon, but instead of having an oversized Allen bolt holding the crank in place it has twin opposing Allen bolts on the left-hand crank arm and an alloy preload cap just like Shimano. This in our opinion is a much better approach but not one that could be easily implemented on the carbon crank.
FSA is the only crank manufacturer other than Shimano to offer hollow forged aluminium arms.
Internally the FSA bottom bracket has an additional seal on the backside of the bearing and so far we’ve had no issues with dirt ingress or bearing play.
On the trail the Afterburner is easily the stiffest crank here — weight your outside foot on an off-camber section or put the power down and it doesn’t flinch. The original Afterburner crank was largely overlooked even though it was one of the only ISIS three-piece units to have hollow forged arms. Completely redesigned, the two-piece Afterburner is going to
be hard to ignore.

MBR rating 10/10