Product Overview


Fox Ventilator mountain bike knee pads £19

Straps: 2/Sizes: one size/Weight: 440g

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Most pad manufacturers produce knee/shin pads of a similar style to the Fox Ventilator. This style of pad is favoured by downhill racing minimalists and, to our surprise, the two straps actually did a good job of holding them in place. We attribute the staying power of the Ventilators to their super lightweight construction and the fact that the upper straps sit just above your calf muscles. The knee cup isn’t secured in any way and it does flap about a lot when pedalling. More importantly there is nothing to stop it moving after an impact — which is why we’d recommend wearing the Ventilator pads with a set of knee warmers or lightweight neoprene pads. Even with that, they still leave a pedal-size gap at the bottom of your shin.