With global mountain bike demand continuing to outstrip components manufacturing and supply, replacement drivetrain parts are rarer than ever. Twenty21 can keep your drivetrain running like new, throughout winter, with its range of chains and cassettes, especially 1x12 bits.

UK cycling distributor Cyclorise reveal 1x drivetrain component brand called Twenty21 to cope with the global mountain bike parts shortage.

As autumn turns to winter, drivetrain maintenance becomes an issue for all trail riders. Mud rapidly accelerates drivetrain wear on even the best mountain bike groupsets and with the narrow manufacturing and operational tolerances of modern 1×12 drivetrains, the difference between slick changes and hateful cassette skipping is slight.

twenty21 chain

Like silver gold-dust!

Twenty21 empowers mechanics – and riders

Instead of potentially riding less, you could pad your home DIY maintenance inventory with some new cassettes and chains this winter.

Cyclorise has announced the launch of its own drivetrain consumables brand, Twenty21. Recognising the demand from bike shops and riders to access replacement 1x drivetrain bits on short order, Twenty21 offers a range of cassettes and chains.

Sian Dibley, Cyclorise owner, is realistic about what has triggered the Twenty21 venture. “We recognise that this has been a very challenging time for bike shops. If they cannot source their key components, they will not complete their bread and butter workshop work. Having spread the word to our existing dealer network as a priority we are now happy to open our doors to new customers.”

twenty21 cassette


Wide range 1×12

What is on offer from Twenty21? Both 11- and 12-speed cassettes, with a choice of HG, XD or Microspline driver computability. And the chain range is even broader in its component scope, catering for 10-, 11- or 12-speed drivetrains.

Twenty21’s chains are said to be compatible with all drivetrains. And price? Chains start at £17 and peak at £33.

The entry-level Twenty21 cassette option is £80 and for a 12-speed Microspline version, you’ll pay £130, for 10-52t gearing.