The National Federation of Bridleway Associations got in touch in November with an alarm call for everyone who has used the Mary Towneley Loop. There are proposals to re-open Ding Quarry in Rochdale, using Rooley Moor Road, part of the Pennine Bridleway, to bring out the stone. The quarry is a live site, designated under an Interim Development Order after the Second World War. This means the NFBA can’t object to the quarrying per se, but can ask for conditions to be imposed on the operation and it is the propoosed use of Rooley Moor Road that is unacceptable.
Rooley Moor Road is an ancient highway from at least medieval times. It has escaped being tarmacked, and is a lovely example of a stone sett road (it was setted in the late 19th century). In addition, it is an important link in the Pennine Bridleway national trail, as part of the Mary Towneley Loop, running north from Rochdale into Rosssendale. The proposal is for the quarry to operate through the week and on Saturday mornings.
The environmental statement totally fails to deal with the impact of the operation on the Pennine Bridleway MTL: the applicants appear to think the MTL is a loop off the PB, not part of the PB itself. They seem totally unaware of the impact the operation will have.
The case officer at Rochdale Council is Lynne Scofield (01706 924628)
A direct link to the website is
Rochdale are proposing to submit a report to committee before Christmas, and would appreciate representations/objections/information by the end of November. Objections should to sent to:
Alan Whale
Development Control Manager
Rochdale Council
PO Box 32
Telegraph House
Baillie Street
Rochdale OL16 1JH