Italian brand makes a move into e-SUV territory with full-suspension, Shimano powered eMTB

It’s not often we talk about bikes that aren’t strictly mountain bikes…but this new release from Italian brand THOK caught our eye and we couldn’t not share it. It looks quite similar in concept to the Specialized Turbo Tero X that was released earlier this year, in that it’s conceptually a ‘Sports Utility Vehicle’ (SUV). In the e-bike world, that apparently means a full-suspension frame with added luggage carrying capabilities.

THOK’s interpretation of an e-SUV is called the MIG e-S, and they’re calling it a “fully-suspended urban bike”, and combines “the pragmatism of an urban bike with the performance of an all-
mountain.” Whether it would stack up against the best electric mountain bikes off-road remains to be seen, but for £4,099 it looks like you get a fair bit of e-bike for your money.


The new THOK MIG e-S has the off-road capabilities of an eMTB, and the handling of an urban bike, according to THOK

THOK MIG e-S need to know:

  • Full-suspension RockShox setup with 150mm up front and 140 rear
  • 23.8kg weight, with a 130kg total load capacity (including rider)
  • Mullet wheel setup with Schwalbe Johnny Watts tyres
  • Shimano E7000 motor and 630Wh battery
  • Costs £4,099

Mudguards and a rear rack are just a few of the things that make this e-SUV a viable commuter option


It’s not a particularly catchy name, but it is visually quite striking – as most THOK e-bikes are. It’s aimed primarily at the commuter market, and yes it might seem like overkill, but these SUV style e-bikes are meant to be a bike that can hack anything you can throw at it. Not sure we’d recommend taking a bike with mudguards and a loaded pannier down some techy stuff, but take them off and it’s essentially their popular MIG all-mountain eMTB, which utilises their THOK Control Geometry (TDG).

The MIG eMTB comes with a 66° head tube angle, and 74.7° seat tube angle, and the MIG e-S matches this geometry. The electrical power comes from a Shimano E7000 mid-drive motor, and a 630Wh battery which is located underneath the down tube. This is something THOK says makes the bike “easier to handle” due to the low centre of gravity. The battery comes with a quick-release bolt so you can charge it away from the bike or remove it when you park it at work.


It also comes with a bottle and side opening bottle cage

Spec wise it uses SRAM’s SX Eagle 12-speed transmission with Guide T 4-piston brakes and 203mm rotos. Suspension is supplied by RockShox, and you get 150mm travel forks and a 140mm travel shock.

There’s a mullet wheel setup, with Schwalbe Johnny Watts tyres to boot. Now what makes it a ‘commuter’ e-bike is the addition of a rear MIK pannier rack (which can carry up to 12kg of luggage) and is quick-release so you can remove it if you want to head to the trails.

Elsewhere there are long length mudguards, and integrated lights – a 600 lumen rechargeable front light and 30 lumen rechargeable rear light. The bike weighs 23.8kg without any accessories, and is available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL.

The THOK MIG e-S costs £4,099 ad is available from the THOK website or dealers.