The Santa Cruz Syndicate team limps away from the first round of the World Cup, battered but feeling chipper

It has been one turbulent start to the season for the Santa Cruz team, seeing all three racers in various shapes on injury. Everyone knows about the Rat’s infamous foot injury, but Minnaar was also rocking a recently operated ligament injury and Peaty was off the bike due to a torn ACL.

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Regardless of their various shapes of fitness, Ratboy and Minnaar stepped up to the challenge of racing finals admirably. Despite the setback in the off season Ratboy stormed qualies with a third and landed seventh overall:

“I’m quite happy with 7th place with the run I had  I felt I rode well and was pushing it. With a really solid qualifier the points add up to 5th in the overall rankings.  This is a great way to start the season. My foot is sore so I need to take it easy a bit as I really asked a lot of myself the last few weeks.”

Greg came down in 22nd, higher than he’d hoped considering he had to be strapped into his bike.

“A few weeks ago I told the doctors I would be racing in two weeks’ time, and now I’ve done it. I feel I had quite a good run considering my injury and I improved my time each day. I’m pretty confident it should be healed up for the next World Cup in Ft. William.”

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